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Welcome to NIck's Knits brand new website.

 Out and About 

I'm really looking forward to the next outdoor Craft and Artisan market at Norden Farm in Maidenhead this Saturday 19th July. I can't believe how fast time is flying since the start the of markets way back in May. It's looking like the weather is going to be good ( the week before the next market I'm always obsessed with what the weather is doing by the hour). 

Hopefully, with the weather looking promising it'll be a busy Saturday and with that in mind I've been busy making lots of new pieces and searching for great new display equipment. Pictures soon I promise.

All in a day's work

It's a busy time here at Nick's Knit HQ, I'm working on Autumn pieces ( yes thats right I said Autumn) and it really does mess with my head when I'm heads down making Pumpkins with chunky orange yarn in the middle of July.

Although I've almost finished the Autumn range as I started in May.

Along side thinking about future ranges I can't forget about the here and now. So I'm also busy making stock for on-line sales and the craft markets.

The daisies in vases have been a fantastic seller, I think I've made hundreds of petals by now. The Cactus plants always sell so well, so more and more are being made.