News and Updates

It's Summer Time...

At this very moment of typing this blog, I'm looking out of my window and I can actually see blue sky and sun, yay, Summer is here (well for today at least...)

 I'm keeping busy and out and about lots at the moment. You'll find me out and about at Norden Farm, Bourne End and at the Windsor Craft Coop

I cannot believe the year is flying by once again, it's the time for daisies and butterflies in the garden and with Nick's Knits you can bring them in to the home.

All in a day's work

It's a busy time here at Nick's Knit HQ, lots of new projects on the go.

I'm really challenging myself for create brand new pieces, things that I've been wanted to make for a while now.

The Butterfly pictures are just the start, there's going to be new flowers, new cacti and even bags on their way, watch this space... coming soon.

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